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Palos Verdes and Torrance Probate Lawyer

Peninsula Law represents clients in probate, trust and estate administration, conservatorships, trust and probate litigation, and estate planning. By focusing our practice specifically in these niche areas, our attorneys have distinguished themselves as trusted resources for even the most complex estate needs. We treat each client as if he or she were our only client and are dedicated to understanding his or her unique goals. Peninsula Law takes a personalized approach to each case and ensures that our clients are well advised of their rights and the legal process each step of the way.
Comprehensive Representation in Probate, Estate Administration and Probate Litigation
Learn more about how our dedicated lawyers can best help you with the following legal issues:


Probate is the court process that needs supervises the distribution of assets when someone dies leaving a will or if someone dies leaving no estate plan at all.


This process is necessary to transfer ownership of assets to heirs.


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Trust & Estate Administration


When someone passes away, their estate needs to be administered, whether the estate is held in trust, probate, or the decedent died intestate.

Assets must be marshaled, debts need to settled, and taxes must concluded. Fiduciaries need legal counsel to understand their obligations. Peninsula Law represents numerous executors and trustors and can help you through this process during this very difficult time.


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Sometimes a loved one no longer can care for themself. That is when someone in the family needs to step up to make medical and financial decisions for them. They need the legal authority take on this role. We are well-versed with the court procedures to help someone do this.


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Dissension over an estate can arise in many ways. An estate plan may be poorly created causing the validity of the estate plan to come into doubt. A fiduciary may take unauthorized liberties and a beneficiary needs legal representation to make sure their rights are not violated. In other cases, the actions of a trustor may need to be defended. We have successfully represented both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in litigation. 


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Estate Planning

Your estate is your own. You should determine your beneficiaries, when your beneficiaries should receive a distribution, and how they should receive distributions. Serious consideration should go into the design of the right estate plan for you and your family. An estate should be crafted to ensure asset protection and estate tax minimizations tools are in place.


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Elder Abuse

Regrettably, the vulnerabilty of elderly person lends itself to abuse. When someone is old and alone, it seems that more likely than not, someone will take advantage of them. Restraining orders may be necessary to protect further harm to the victim if there is active abuse.


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